TV documentary, SWR 2015

  • Reconstructions
  • Digital Environment
  • Character Animation
  • 3D Animation

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  • Simon says:

    Some of this is fabulous! How can I use the material with a VR headset? Can I download any of the material? Thanks.

    • Franziska Elgner says:

      Hi Simon,

      we’ve integrated some of the 3D material in our latest VR series “Follow Me”, season 1. It’s available in German in the VR Magenta App, for the English version we are just in negotiations for licensing, so unfortunately so far there’s no possibility to watch it. You are welcome to follow Faber Courtial on our social media channel, this way you’ll stay up to date to the latest news (and when & where the material will be available for download/watching in English).

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