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We are looking for passionate additions to our Team!

Genuine enthusiasm, creativity in the big picture, and maximum engagement: that’s our team. We offer a competitive working environment with world-class quality. Our team is proud to log very little overtime hours, take the standard paid vacation days for Germany, and work in an artistically stimulating environment. We are small, curated, smart in our workflow, and confident that you will enjoy your stay.

Please send applications along with online work samples for projects and contract work. where applicable.

Contact: Mrs. Maria Courtial

Unreal Artist

We are looking for an experienced Unreal Artist to join our production pipeline immediately.

Job Description:

  • Highly experienced in working with Unreal Engine (an essential must)
  • Good Skills in other 3D programs would be a great addition.
  • Programming capabilities are very welcome.
  • Lots of creativity and enjoying working as part of a team.

Your tasks:

  • A Specialization in a particular area is not required, as we are open to a wide variety of focuses. Depending on your preferences, your tasks can be in modelling, texturing, character animation, programming, etc.
  • Our projects are extremely diverse and range from VFX projects for film and television to exciting and complex VR experiences.

At Faber Courtial you will be part of a great, dedicated team in a pleasant and creative working atmosphere. We look forward to receiving applications with CV and work samples, preferably online.

Contact: Maria Courtial

Internship 3D / Unreal

Starting in August/September, we are offering a 3D internship with many exciting insights into our work.

Our requirements:

  • Good experience in the real-time engine Unreal (our main software)
  • Skilled in creating 3D assets via Blender, 3ds Max, ZBrush or Substance.
  • And of course a great passion to work on exciting projects as part of our team.

What we offer:

  • 3D creation, texturing and depending on your skills also character design, programming etc.
  • Work and gain experience in different areas of our projects within a pleasant working atmosphere and a great team.

The paid internship should last at least 5 months and is preferably a compulsory internship. We are looking forward to your application with CV and work samples – please online.

Contact: Maria Courtial



Faber Courtial GbR 

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64295 Darmstadt

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