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Faber Courtial is a leading specialist in creating detail-rich and impressively authentic worlds.

For our unparalleled worlds we have recreated antiquity from Jerusalem to Carthage and Rome in meticulous detail, turned back time by a hundred years in cities such as Berlin and Vienna, and transported viewers to distant outer space and key moments in the history of the earth and mankind.

25 years expertise in creating striking environments you will crave to see once in your lifetime.

Our success is owed to the studio’s 20 year plus expertise in finding the fine balance between artistic imagination, scientific precision, and aesthetic emotional appeal that results in striking environments you will crave to see once in your lifetime.

Award- winning VR Films that set high standards in storytelling and creative techniques

Faber Courtial’s masterpiece worlds can be experienced via our captivating immersive experiences.

The studio’s productions gained international recognition at major festivals such as the International Film Festivals in Venice and Cannes, the Tribeca Film Festival, Siggraph, Stereopsia, FIVARS and SXSW to name just a few.

Latest technology and smart proprietary to reimagine the world of entertainment

For our trademark experiences we continually embrace new VR technologies and push the boundaries of what is possible within the immersive realm. With our smart, self-developed in-house tools, such as Phalanx, we can now create high quality, detail-rich 6DOF experiences, even for mobile headsets.

Inspiring audiences with high-caliber films and documentaries for broadcast and museums since 1998.

As leading providers for digital images we have resurrected the armies of Alexander the Great, “filmed” the inside of a blood vessel, fabricated an impressive experience on the brink of Volcanoes and brought ancient gladiators in the Colosseum back to life.

For our numerous collaborations we create custom made builds, such as film, 6 DOF experiences, immersive movies, and serious games, even for mobile devices, as well as ground-breaking Metaverse events and experiences.

Turning science, art and research into touching emotional experiences.

Our emotionally gripping film installations and immersive experiences, which we have first introduced to the German museum landscape, enhance exhibitions by allowing intimate insights into private quarters, hidden palace rooms and mystic tombs. Along with the sound of languages that no longer exist we transport visitors straight into old and future worlds.

The Founders

Faber Courtial - studio for digital worlds was founded by Maria and Jörg Courtial in 1998 after their graduation in industrial design.

Creative Director

Jörg Courtial

Deeply rooted in photography, Joerg quickly developed a unique visual style and is renowned for outstanding VFX & Animations in distinguished documentaries and exhibitions.
Passionate about new visual grounds Joerg pioneered VR and has been creating award-winning films that set high standards in storytelling and creative techniques.
Joerg’s films are spiked with an incredible richness of detail, with each frame being artistically staged to perfection. His signature style creates cineastic VR experiences of unparalleled intensity and pure emotions.

CEO, Producer

Maria Courtial

Co-Founder, Co-Director
As an open-minded future enthusiast, Maria was an early adopter of technology to unleash deep human emotions.
Her perpetual search for alternative perspectives to reveal unseen truths led her to pioneer the creation of premuim 360° films, which became her true passion.
Marias trademark is a meticulous focus on striking a close and poetic balance between the important elements of camera, music, narration and editing to achieve a remarkably high standard of storytelling, intense messages, and strong emotions

With our team, we use our creative abilities and technical skills to passionately transform technology into our Faber Courtial worlds with striking, vivid images that unleash deep human emotions.



Faber Courtial GbR 

Rheinstraße 99
64295 Darmstadt

Tel.: +49 [0] 61 51 - 59 92 6 - 0