Film and VR

Impressive set design, brilliant fire and water effects, massive crowd simulations, photorealistic reconstructions.

Event and Exhibition

Our detail-oriented artists meticulously translate insight into living, breathing images.

This is Faber Courtial

A rehearsed core team of artistic and technical individuals: innovators, scientists, and culinary experts. We bring the expertise to any field be it art, history, or company cooking!

18 Years of Experience in film, premium documentaries, and international exhibits.

A long list of projects forms the foundation of our versatile image catalog. From scientifically exact anatomical visualizations to vast geological formations, it encompasses a reconstruction of nearly every epoch and culture.

Genuine enthusiasm, creativity in the big picture, and maximum commitment

that’s the team.

EMEA Lumière Award, Stereopsia, Brussels

Winner "Best VR Documentary"2017

Grimme Online Award

Winner category "Culture and Entertainment" with VR Time Travel Cologne Cathedral2017

Cine Golden Eagle Award for Independent & Emerging Media, USA

Winner category "Virtual Reality - Narrative / Animation"2017
benefit of an experienced cgi-production studio
  • Conception:

    Concept consultation, storyboarding, and iterativ development of ideas that support your dramaturgy or objective

  • Implementation:

    CGI, image effects, animation, compositing, editing

  • Completion:

    Authoring, presentation medium, distribution

Technology and play are the foundation for mastery of the image.