what you see

is what you believe

Richard the Lionheart in Speyer

20. September 2017

Pope exhibition at the rem Mannheim

24. May 2017

Gladiators in the Colosseum 360° VR

8. December 2016

Cologne Cathedral 360° VR

13. April 2017

Giant of the North

Hamburg's ascention to world harbor

Traces in Stone

15. June 2016

Alexander the Great

When a myth forms a legend

Volcanos 360° VR

First VR production on German TV

Time Travel Vienna

Take a ride!

Pirates – Die Wolf

13. May 2016

Wild Planet

Discover Natural History

The Hohenstaufen and Italy

17. May 2016

Giant buildings

13. May 2016

The World of the Knights

27. April 2016


22. March 2016

Supertalent Human I and II

Within the Human Body

The Wittelsbacher on the Rhine

2. May 2016

The Germans I and II

Germany and the World


23. March 2016