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striking environments and high-quality settings
for film footage and virtual production

Faber Courtial is a leading specialist in creating detail-rich and impressively authentic worlds.

Over time the studio has compiled a vast library of unique and high-quality settings.

These striking environments are ideally suited to be used for Virtual Production, as film footage or to enrich exhibitions of many kinds.

Each of Faber Courtial’s 3D settings can be transferred to a real time engine within days or a few weeks.

Depending on production requirements each Faber Courtial settings can be expanded, adapted to individual preferences, equipped with further details, or treated with a preferred lighting. While some cities are currently mainly built for total views, there is also the option to provide individual camera angles, such as a camera flight through a specific street.


Rome (80 AD, 300 AD, 1500 AD)

with detailed settings of

  • Colosseum
  • Circus Maximus
  • Roman Forum

Major Landmarks

Pyramids of Giza (2500 BC)
Ankor Watt
Taj Mahal (1650 AD)
Celtic graves / Germanic settlements


  • Cologne Cathedral
  • End of the World War II
  • Middle Age

Historic central Europe

Worms (ca. 1500)
Speyer (12th century)
Mannheim (17th – 18th century)
Hamburg Habour (Early 19th century)

Historic Capitals

Babylon (330 BC)
Athens (300 BC)
Carthage (150 BC)
Konstantinopel (540 AC)
Armana (1300 BC)
Persepolis (300 BC)
Jerusalem (0 / 700 BC)
Masada (0)

Medieval Castles

In ideal settings

European Capitals

Parts of Paris (middle age, 19th century)
Parts of Vienna (middle age, 19th century)

Prehistorical Settings

Under water
On earth (early days)


Global view
Valles Marineris
Olympus Mons

Apollo and The Moon

Global view
Different places of the Apollo missions
Area around Shackleton Crater
Cape Canaveral and
Launch Umbilical Tower of Saturn V



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