1st Season

Ancient Rome

In the 1st season of Follow Me, the viewer immerses into Ancient Rome during the Imperial Period, accompanied by guide Mario – a passionate archeologist and travel guide – who shares interesting facts on Roman life entertainingly.

Thus, history is told from a completely new perspective and becomes easily comprehensible. Enthralling “Docutainment” – combining both knowledge transfer and entertainment!

  • 360°/ stereo 3D
  • 3 episodes à approx. 10 minutes
  • available in German and English

    (adaptation of other language versions possible)

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Episode I

Forum Romanum

Center of Superpower

The Forum Romanum is – in all respects – the central point of ancient Rome. Here was the center of political power, here stood the city’s most significant temples and here was were the assets were stored. In front of the backdrop of the Forum Romanum’ s most interesting places, guide Mario recounts about the veneration of gods, triumphal processions and the dramatic death of Caesar.

Episode II

Circus Maximus

The joy of speed

The famous Circus Maximus was setting of one of the most favorite pastimes of the Roman people: here, the famous chariot races took place – rapid spectacles with horses of selective breeding and reckless chariot racers, the “pop stars” at that time. Mario takes the viewer into the imperator’s rooms and to the spectator terraces, sharing fascinating facts about this unique sports event.

Episode III


Playing with Death

The powerful Colosseum was setting of brutal „entertainment” spectacles for the masses with gladiator fights, animal hunts and executions. Together with guide Mario, the viewer immerses into the extraordinary atmosphere of the arena, catching a glimpse of the bitter struggle for life or death, prior to finally climbing to the roof of the Colosseum where a breathtaking view over the “Eternal City” opens up.

The concept behind “FOLLOW ME”

The VR series “FOLLOW ME”  takes the viewer on a thrilling journey to some of mankind’s most significant historical events and “places of longing”.  Starting out with “Ancient Rome”, the second season focuses on the exciting adventures of the Apollo missions.

There are more seasons to follow – the VR concept offers almost unlimited potential! By totally immersing into foreign worlds in an unexpected and thrilling intensity, the viewer experiences history and science from a completely new, fascinating perspective:

VR “Docutainment” at its best!