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"2nd Step was a standout at this summer’s SIGGRAPH expo in L.A."
Ellen Wolff - Animation Magazine


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a VR Series made by FaberCourtial


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Cologne Cathedral VR

Storytelling reinvented in virtual reality

The illustrattive possibilities in VR are infinite. An outstanding area will be the immersion in past and future scenarios or even of such breath-taking scenarios thereof that have hitherto never been seen. On account of years of experience and processing of historical, scientific and scenic / dramatic worlds, Faber Courtial has the possibility and the foundation, to create impressive breath-taking VR scenarios on this basis.

About the immersive glasses:

The immersive glasses are in the meantime offered by various manufacturers. The display virtually fills the entire field of view, with the help of special lenses. With the help of a gyro sensor, the viewing direction is detected and the associated image shown in space. The user can with the help of the immersive glasses, fully immerse himself in the illustrated world.  He is up to 360 degrees entirely surrounded by the scenario and in addition experiences this, in his depth dimension (Stereo 3D).

The immersive glasses create a new and hitherto unprecedented opportunity for storytelling that is intensive and particularly with an incredibly real dimension. The rules of conventional film have been rendered obsolete, what is demanded is an innovative and novel staging, along with dramaturgy and implementation.

Faber Courtial has been producing VR content since 2014. During this time we have developed a Renderer for the 360° – Stereo 3D space in cooperation with the University of Glasgow.

Virtual Reality

together we can reinvent film



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