Seeing what has never been seen

In this day and age, the bar for image quality in television has been set incredibly high. Thanks to new technical possibilities for electronic image processing, CGI and VFX are making these new forms of exciting TV documentaries possible.

Impressive set design, brilliant fire and water effects, colossal scenes, and lifelike illustration of historical reconstructions: all of these can be precisely controlled and produced quite cheaply through digital image processing. Historical documentaries which rely equally on academic precision as well as artistic imagination, present a particular challenge.

Production proven through demanding work on numerous premium productions, FaberCourtial has become a leading specialist in this field. We are equipped to not only integrate standard film effects, but also to understand and efficiently implement the particular goals of historical documentaries.

We have resurrected the armies of Alexander the Great, rendered a precise reconstruction of the Roman outpost Xanten, “filmed” the inside of a blood vessel, fabricated an impressive experience on brink of Volcanoes and brought back to life ancient gladiators in the Colosseum.

These projects require a variety of technical tools and skills that were once only seen in Hollywood films: photorealistic 3-D animation, sprawling virtual cities, digital crowds (crowd replication) and extensive matte paintings.
For your broadcast projects, we support your producers and editorial departments with:

  • Consulting, planning, and project monitoring before, during, and after shooting
  • Creative title design
  • 2-D and 3-D map graphics
  • Matte painting
  • Retouching
  • Integration of 3-D elements in film materials (digital compositing, 2-D/3-D tracking, keying, rotoscoping)
  • Modeling
  • Simulating mass scenes
  • 2-D and 3-D animation
  • Medical Visualizations on a microscopic level
Selection of our work
  • Terra X: Departure into Space with Alexander Gerst, ZDF, 2018
  • Hannibal – March towards Rome, ZDF, 2018
  • 10 Questions on Christianity, ZDF, 2018
  • The Industrialisation of the Southwest, SWR, 2018
  • Terra X – 1000 Years Cathedral Worms, ZDF, 2018
  • Puzzling Phenomena, ZDF, 2018
  • The Luther Tribunal, ZDF, 2017
  • Cologne Cathedral 360 VR, WDR 2017
  • Oh Europe (Ach Europa), ZDF/ARTE 2017
  • 360° Gladiators in the Colosseum, ZDF 2016
  • Volcanos  in 3D and VR, ZDF 2015
  • Sleeping Giants – Supervolcanos, ZDF/ARTE 2015
  • Natural History Southwest-Eifel [Volcanos], SWR 2015
  • Terra X: Pirates – Die Wolf, ZDF 2015
  • Sueben/Alamannen, SWR 2015
  • Hamburger Hafen – Northern Giant, NDR 2015
  • German Cities I,II&III, ZDF 2015
  • Baroque in the South-West, SWR 2015
  • Magical Germany – Secret Places for Cult and Sacrifices, TV-documentary, ZDF 2015
  • Histories of the Palatinate, TV-documentary,SWR 2015
  • Golden Triangular” and “Chasing Water in the Desert“, TV-documentary, ZDF 2015
  • The Mental Giants“, ZDF/ZDF-Enterprises 2014
  • Big Data, ZDF 2014
  • Alexander the Great: “On his Way to Power” and “To the End of the World“, ZDF/ORF/ARTE 2014
  • The Spark that Ignited it all – A History of Fireworks, ZDF 2014
  • The World of the Knights, ZDF 2014
  • The Medieval Times in the South-West [of Germany], SWR 2014
  • The Chachapoya: The Forgotten Warriors of Catharge, arte 2014
  • Europa-Park Rust 2013
  • Earthquakes” and “Volcanos“, ZDF / France Télévision 2013
  • The last minutes – Archaeology on battle fields, ZDF 2013
  • Castles of Europe, arte/ZDF 2013
  • Black Forest [hi]story, SWR 2013
  • Holy Night in Stalingrad, ZDF 2012
  • Mission Bavaria: Dangerous Mission – Christianisation in Frankia, Diocese Eichstätt 2012 / arte 2013
  • The Celts in the Southwest, SWR 2012
  • Terra X: The Amber Road, ZDF 2012
  • Terra X: Hunting for the Skyfire, ZDF 2011
  • Travelling through World History, ZDF 2011
  • Holy War, ZDF 2011
  • Terra X: Egypt, ZDF 2011
  • Terra X: Run on Jerusalem, ZDF 2011
  • The Romans’ Experiment, SWR 2010
  • Evolution: The origin of life on Earth, FaberCourtial production 2010
  • Terra X: The German Hanseatic League – A Secret Superpower, ZDF 2010
  • The Germans II, ZDF 2010
  • Mission X: “The invisible net” and “Victory of the steam rocket”, ZDF 2010
  • Terra X: Giant buildings: Der Kölner Dom, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Die Dresdner Frauenkirche, ZDF 2010
  • Germans’ World Empire, ZDF 2010
  • Terra X: Universe of the Oceans, ZDF 2010
  • Terra X: Schliemann’s heirs – Advance of the German Hanseatic League, ZDF 2010
  • Terra X: Schliemann’s heirs – Cloud people’s sunken city, ZDF 2010
  • Germans’ Great Moments, ZDF 2009
  • Battle for Germania, ZDF 2009
  • Terra X: Schliemann’s heirs – The Limes, ZDF 2009
  • Terra X: Cathedrals of the Stone Age, ZDF 2009
  • The Germans I, ZDF 2008
  • The Teutons, ARD 2007
  • The Jews – History of a People, ARD 2006
  • Terra X: Storm above China – The mistery of the first emperor, ZDF 2006
  • The Mongols, ZDF 2005