TV-Documentary, ZDF 2023

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Character Animation
  • 3D Animation
Welten-Saga 2
Eine Reise zu den UNESCO-Welterbestätten
World Saga 2
A Journey to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

For the second season of the documentary series “Welten-Saga 2 | World Saga 2” we developed detailed 3D animations for ZDF in collaboration with Interscience film. This series continues to take viewers to fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites, vividly bringing their histories to life.

Working closely with scientists and based on the latest archaeological and geological data, we created precise virtual reconstructions. Our animations utilize advanced technology, including laser scans, to accurately depict these impressive cultural and natural landmarks.

Hosted by Sir Christopher Clark, “Welten-Saga 2 | World Saga 2” explores both well-known and lesser-known sites of historical and cultural significance. The project highlights the crucial work of UNESCO, showcasing the challenges and strategies involved in preserving world heritage and raising awareness about the importance of protecting these valuable sites.

For the second season, we have reconstructed new and equally fascinating locations. These include Cusco, with its impressive Inca fortress Saqsaywaman, Masada, an archaeological site in the Southern District of Israel, and Olympia, brought to life during the 172nd Olympic Games in 92 BC. Each of these reconstructions offers viewers an immersive experience, allowing them to explore the rich history and cultural significance of these extraordinary sites.

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