TV-Documentary, ZDF/France Télévision 2012/13

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  • 3D Animation
Wilder Planet
Countdown to a Catastrophe

Produced by Gruppe5 for ZDF/France Télévision, the three-part documentary series delves into the formidable natural forces shaping our world.

Episode 1 WIlder Planet: Vulkane | Countdown to a Catastrophe: Volcanoes

The first episode explores the significance of volcanoes and their mysterious power. We created 3D animations to illustrate dramatic eruptions, such as those of Vesuvius and Tambora. The episode highlights the ongoing efforts to understand these fiery giants and includes expeditions to active volcanoes like Nyiragongo and Mount Erebus.

Episode 2 Wilder Planet : Erdbeben | Countdown to a Catastrophe: Earthquakes

The second episode delves into the devastating impact of earthquakes and the efforts to improve prediction and safety. Featuring major events like the Marmara earthquake in Turkey, our 3D animations explain the complex interactions between tectonic plates. The series showcases research in seismically active regions, including Chile and Italy.

Episode 3 Wilder Planet: Stürme | Countdown to a Catastrophe: Storms

The third episode examines the destructive power of storms and their links to other natural phenomena like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. By exploring events such as Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan, the documentary reveals how storms can trigger significant geological changes. Our 3D animations illustrate the interconnected forces of nature.

This series offers a comprehensive look at the formidable natural forces shaping our world, combining expert interviews, immersive 3D animations, and on-site research.

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