TV-Documentary, SWR 2014
Peter Prestel Filmproduktion

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Character Animation
  • 3D Animation
Das Mittelalter Experiment
The Middle Ages Experiment

We contributed to the documentary series “Das Mittelalter Experiment |  The Middle Ages Experiment” produced by Peter Prestel Filmproduktion for SWR. For Episode 2, we constructed a typical medieval castle to explore its architecture, significance, and the mechanics of medieval warfare. This episode features experiments with historically accurate weapons, such as a reconstructed crossbow, demonstrating their deadly effectiveness in the hands of experimental archaeologists.

For Episode 6, we meticulously recreated the city of Konstanz as it appeared in 1414, providing a vivid 3D reconstruction that brings the historical events of the Council of Constance to life. This episode delves into the political, religious, and social conflicts of the time, guided by the detailed chronicles of Ulrich Richental.

The series, broadcast as part of the ARD magazine “Planet Schule,” not only presents the six episodes but also offers additional educational resources about the Middle Ages for students, teachers, and history enthusiasts.

Link Planet School – Das mittelalter Experiment: Warum baute man Burgen? | The Middle Ages Experiment:Why were castles built?

Link Planet School – Das Mittelalter Experiment: Was war los beim Konstanzer Konzil? | The Middle Ages Experiment: What was going on at the Council of Constance?