GEO EPOCHE Band 82/2016: Die Hanse. 1150–1600

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • 3D Animation
Die Hanse
the Hanseatic League

In the late Middle Ages, long-distance traders established the first pan-European economic network: The Hanseatic League’s trade routes spanned from Stockholm to Venice, with around 200 cities joining the alliance by the 14th century. The Hanseatic merchants’ influence was so formidable that even kings feared their economic power. This alliance of merchant cities not only facilitated trade but also fostered cultural and political connections across Europe, shaping the continent’s development during that era.

For this special edition, we produced detailed reconstructions of Lübeck, one of the most significant cities of the Hanseatic League. Our work brought to life the vibrant commercial hub it was during its peak, illustrating its architecture, bustling marketplaces, and the extensive network of trade routes that connected it to other major Hanseatic cities.