TV documentaries, ZDF 2008 and 2010

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Maps
  • 3D Animation
Die Deutschen
The Germans

For the 20-part documentary series “Die Deutschen | The Germans,” Part I and II produced by Gruppe5 for ZDF, we were responsible for creating intricate 3D animations and dramatic reenactments to vividly portray key figures and events in German history. Spanning from the reign of Otto the Great to the fall of the German Empire after World War I, this series brings historical epochs to life.

A highlight of our contribution is the comprehensive 3D reconstruction of Berlin across four significant years: 1688, 1786, 1841, and 1900. These detailed recreations provide a dynamic visual context for the historical narratives presented in the series.

Combining infotainment elements, the series engages viewers by blending historical accuracy with compelling storytelling. Our 3D animations play a crucial role in enhancing the educational impact by visualizing significant events and settings.

In collaboration with the German Association of History Teachers (VGD), ZDF offers downloadable didactic materials for each episode. These resources include summaries, historical contexts, and student assignments, facilitating the integration of the series into classroom instruction.

Renowned historians such as Professor Stefan Weinfurter, Professor Heinz Schilling, and Professor Michael Stürmer, along with approximately 40 other experts, contributed their insights to the project. Their expertise is also featured in the online special “The Germans – 1200 Years of German History,” which addresses key themes and questions in German history.

Our work on “Die Deutschen | The Germans” aims to make history accessible and engaging, providing a comprehensive educational experience for a wide audience.

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