Follow Me Rome is based on


Photorealistic VR environments of extraordinary vistas in breathtaking detail for a complete immersion into the magnificent city’s past.

Immerse into the fascinating past of Ancient Rome during the Imperial Era. Guided by Mario, your life action host, you will visit the spectacular landmarks of the Eternal City: The Forum Romanum, the Circus Maximus and the mighty Colosseum. Placed in midst photorealistic historical setting – moments in history frozen in time – your guide shares fascinating stories about the surroundings and life back in those times. Follow-me Rome is history told from a completely new perspective – VR-Docutainment at its best.

  • 3 episodes à approx. 10 minutes
  • available in German and English

    (adaptation of other language versions possible)

Episode I

Forum Romanum

Center of Superpower

The Forum Romanum is the very core of ancient Rome: center of political power, home to the city’s most significant temples and powerful vault of the empires most precious assets. Join Mario to the Forum Romanum’s most interesting sights and listen to insights on the worshiping of gods, triumphal processions and the dramatic circumstances of Caesar’s death.

Episode II

Circus Maximus

The joy of speed

The Circus Maximus was the setting of one of the Ancient Romans most popular pastime: the famous chariot races. A rapid spectacle with reckless racers – idolized “pop stars” of the time - and their famous horses of selective breeding. Follow Mario into the imperator’s rooms and the spectators’ terraces, where he shares fascinating facts about the unique sports event.

Episode III


Playing with Death

The monumental Colosseum was the setting of the brutal „entertainment” spectacles for the masses: gladiator fights, animal hunts and executions. Immerse into the extraordinary atmosphere of the arena to catch a glimpse of the bitter struggle for life or death, before Mario leads you to the roof of the Colosseum where a breathtaking view over the “Eternal City” unveils.