TV documentary, ZDF 2015

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Charakter Animation
  • 3D Animation
Freibeuter der Meere (3/3): Piraten des Kaisers
Privateers of the seas (3/3):  Emperor’s Pirates

Pirates have always played a crucial role in the political and economic landscapes of their times, from the daring exploits of Sir Francis Drake to the Corsairs of North Africa and the officers of the German raider “Wolf” during World War I. This three-part documentary series, produced by Loopfilm for ZDF, delves deep into the world of these fearless buccaneers.

In the third part of the “Terra X” series, we narrate the dramatic journey of the “Wolf,” a German raider of the Imperial Navy during the First World War. For this episode, we created detailed 3D animations, bringing the perilous voyage and strategic maneuvers of the “Wolf” to life. These animations provide a vivid and immersive experience, showcasing the ship’s encounters with enemy vessels and its impact on maritime warfare.

This series not only chronicles the adventures of these sea rogues but also examines their influence on the history and economy of their respective eras, offering viewers a comprehensive look at the multifaceted world of piracy.

link ZDF Freibeuter der Meere -Piraten des Kaisers | Privateers of the seas – Emperor’s Pirates