360° Stereo 3D

Cologne Cathedral 360° VR

Engulfing Immersive Time Travel

For the web based application click here: dom360.wdr.de. Aditionally, the time travel is also available on Youtube .

We accurately recontructed Cologne’s most important landmark for a virtual time travel through three different time periods. This way, the Cologne Cathedral can now be visited in 360 degrees during the age of the Roman empire: back when wealthy Romans resided where the foundations of the modern structure lie. Or during the middle ages. The journey finally ends in the ruins of post-war Germany where the towers of the bombed cathedral stand as a reminder of the horrors of war. With this outstanding project, the goal of German broadcaster WDR was to experiment with a VR app to expand their audience and attract the younger generation. With overwhelming success: the project is winner of the Grimme Online Award 2017 (category “Culture & Entertainment”).


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