TV documentary, ZDF 2024
Production: NFP*, ZDF

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Character Animation
  • 3D Animation
INRI – Warum musste Jesus sterben?

For ZDF’s production “INRI – Warum musste Jesus sterben?,” produced by NFP, we developed precise 3D animations of ancient Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ. These reconstructions are based on the latest archaeological discoveries and scientific research, ensuring the highest level of historical fidelity. We collaborated closely with archaeologists on site to achieve this. Our expert advisors, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Vieweger, Director of DEI Jerusalem & Amman, and Dipl.-Ing. Holger Siegel from DEI Jerusalem & Amman, provided invaluable support throughout the project.

The project features a detailed 3D reconstruction of the Temple Mount, including the Second Temple renovated by Herod the Great, a significant site in the narrative of the Passion of Jesus. It also encompasses the Antonia Fortress, the headquarters of the Roman occupying forces, and Herod’s palace, highlighting its historical grandeur and architectural details. Furthermore, the depiction of the Herodian Wall integrates the latest research findings, presented in a way not previously seen.

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