Earth emerges

Chaos reigns in the spheres: a violent spectacle of collision and accumulation. Hostile flames, molten rock and poisonous gases, yet slowly the young, glowing earth firms.

Life explodes

All appears dead, but hidden away, stirred by an absurd chain of coincidences, the miracle takes place: life awakens and explodes with a magnificent diversity.

Consciousness awakens

Life becomes self-aware. Consciousness recognises itself and the world. It wants to understand, explain and explore. Creativity reaches new spheres and imagination creates worlds that exceed all reality.

about genesis

Genesis embarks on an emotionally intense 24-h journey to experience the dramatic milestones in the evolution of earth and mankind from an unknown perspective.

Chaos, rebirth and catastrophes mark the history of Earth, yet mankind exists. We are children of galactic luck, born in the final second of eternity.

As time travelers we immerse into unknown spheres. Seemingly unreal, mystical and daunting, yet full of breath-taking landscapes and creatures that truly existed before. Starting with the young, glowing earth surrounded by cosmic debris and concluding with coming come face to face with our human ancestors, catching glimpses of their achievements and our legacy.

What remains is an intense impression of the earth and the insurmountable force and fragility of life.

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Evolution and its 24-h analogy is a known theme, but I was drawn to create an intense new perspective on the unimaginable dimension of time, the crazy laboratory of life, and the galactic luck of humanity.
"Nothing" happened for an infinite period. Gravity was the focus - life passive and random. Then something bizarre occurs: a being emerges that is active, develops consciousness and strategies to defy the laws of nature. It looks to the sky, begins to wish, dream and imagine. The mind expands to create art, religion - a whole new universe, an abstract world, through pure perception. We immerse into the origins of life and come face to face with our ancestors to become painfully aware of the true nature of our being.

Director Joerg Courtial