TV-Documentary, Outermedia SWR Planet Schule 2014

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Character Animation
  • 3D Animation
Das Römer-Experiment
The Roman experiment

For the TV series “Das Römer-Experiment,” produced by outermedia in 2014 for SWR and Planet Schule, we were tasked with creating intricate 3D reconstructions that vividly bring ancient Roman culture and daily life to the screen. This eight-part series explores the Roman legacy in the former Germanic provinces, investigating what the Romans left behind and what still puzzles us today.

The series combines dramatic reenactments, documentary elements, and scientific experiments. Experimental archaeologists and experts like historian Wolfgang Spickermann from the University of Erfurt delve into ancient texts and recreate Roman religious ceremonies in a reconstructed temple. This series highlights the significance of Roman gods, their integration of deities from conquered peoples, and their reverence for divine omens.

“Das Römer-Experiment” also showcases various experiments, such as cooking Roman recipes, reconstructing Roman measuring devices, and building the historical ship “Navis Lusoria.” Experts even train as gladiators and conduct religious rites, demonstrating why the Romans maintained their empire for centuries. The show aims to provide educational yet engaging insights into the fascinating world of ancient Rome.

Das Römer-Experiment | The Roman experiment