Archaeological Park Cambodunum 2018

  • Reconstruction
  • Digital Environment
  • Character Animation
  • 3D Animation

We embarked on the project “Journey into Roman Times in the Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC)” to create a new tour that vividly brings the Roman town of Cambodunum to life for visitors. Located on the eastern Iller high bank in Kempten, APC preserves the remains of this significant Roman settlement in Bavaria.

Cambodunum, a major Roman civilian settlement, likely served as the seat of the governor of the Roman province of Raetia in the 1st century AD. The town’s strategic location at the last rapid of the Iller River and at the crossroads of important trade routes remains influential for Kempten today.

The project featured a dual tour combining virtual reconstructions of Cambodunum around 100 AD with accessible visitor guidance and interactive stations within APC. This initiative was based on the London Charter for the computer-based visualization of cultural heritage, ensuring scientific accuracy and sustainability.

The “Cambodunum App” provides a GPS-guided tour with a virtual flyover and twelve 360° videos from the visitor’s perspective at authentic locations. These panoramas include CGI crowds and real actors filmed with green screen technology for a realistic depiction. The app also offers interactive hotspots and 3D scans of Roman artifacts.

In addition to virtual elements, the tour includes informative and interactive stations throughout the park, providing a multi-sensory experience. Designed for accessibility and engagement, the tour ensures an enjoyable and educational visit for all age groups and abilities.

APC is open year-round, offering free access to the new virtual and real tour, enhancing the exploration of the historical site of Cambodunum.