Pitch for an Unconventional Documentary


Thanks to immersive technology, we are able to experience documentary as never seen before. Breathtaking 360° stereo 3d spherical panoramas (from the greek root, “sphaira” = Hull, Ball; I.e the viewer sees the action take place the same way you are taking in the room surrounding you) translate a experience of being inside the film. Directly in the action. We are no longer only able to see the film before us, but can dive entirely into it. We experience the plot in front of us, behind us, and can look about us in any direction – we are surrounded. Able to graspt the virtual space we decide for ourselves what we want to look at through this revolutionary Spherical Technology.

We embark on a journey, one where we become intimate observers of daily routine, culture, and lifestyle of roman antiquity. We see a civilization which is socially, achitecturally, and politically progressive in a very similar mannar to our own. We see its’ dark side – decadence and luxury – held aloft by a strict class system and slave labor. Imperial world dominiation, realized through unrelenting force and rigorous rule, touching every layer of society.
In, “30 AD”, through the eyes of a Teuton of the tribe Chattarier out of current day Hessen, we meet historical figures and experience the roman empire during its’ heyday. Its’ narrative leads us to the key places of the known world of that time: awoken to life by the Stereo3D Spherical reinactment scene.

The immersive lense fabricates a new an hitherto undreamt of possibility to illustrate narrative with an unprecedented level of realism. The rules of conventional file are absolved; an innovative and novel orchestration of dramaturgy and implementation for the future is called for.



Wer WILL, ist des Schicksals Freund. Wer nicht, sein Knecht

Marcus Tullius Cicero