Phase I

The catalyst for our project

So far our pipeline was designed for pre-rendered results. Now, our projects shall be explored in 6DOF!
starting with the most impressive one: ancient rome
Several years ago,

we started to reconstruct ancient Rome (in different ages) in 3DS MAX. It began as a commissioned film project for a museum, so everything has been reconstructed historically correct! Over the years the model grew with each new TV and film project. Apart from wide shots, more and more places were reconstructed in detail for closer shots. The data was originally created for a typical film working, pre-rendered pipeline. And although we paid special attention to build “economical” models, the models were built for maximum detail when the camera was close.

A few months ago,

we decided to export that huge, photorealistic and detailed 3D Rome project in the Unreal Engine. Since the giant data couldn’t be processed manually, we started to programme and invent automatic processes to get all the buildings, instances, props etc. of our previous workflow into the Unreal Engine. We are still in the process, however, a large part of the complex data has already been exported to Unreal. It will still take another 2-3 months to complete this process.
And in achieving such an automatic pipeline we can transfer this process to all the other complex (historical and various) 3D settings which we have built over the past 10 years!


© Faber Courtial / Lion TV, Smithsonian Channel, Channel 4, ZDF, ARTE

Phase II

The subsequent experience/app

With our data in the Unreal Engine, the planned app can now be built (for desktop and VR!)

After the successful preparation we can take our next step and create a desktop and VR app in Unreal: 6DOF experiences in which the user visits the most impressive places around ancient Rome, combined with the ability to walk and discover these famous places by themselves. All of this in an unprecedented realism and richness of detail. 

Planned elements:

3 scenarios of Rome

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus can be experienced in 6DOF

Forum Romanum

Center of Superpower

The Forum Romanum is – in all respects – the central point of ancient Rome. Here was the center of political power, here stood the city’s most significant temples and here was where the assets were stored. In front of the backdrop of the Forum Romanum’ s most interesting places, guide Mario recounts about the veneration of gods, triumphal processions and the dramatic death of Caesar.

Circus Maximus

The joy of speed

The famous Circus Maximus was the setting of one of the most favorite pastimes of the Roman people. Here, the famous chariot races took place – rapid spectacles with horses of selective breeding and reckless chariot racers, the “pop stars” at that time. Mario takes the viewer into the imperator’s rooms and to the spectator terraces, sharing fascinating facts about this unique sports event.


Playing with Death

The powerful Colosseum was the setting of brutal „entertainment” spectacles for the masses with gladiator fights, animal hunts and executions. Together with guide Mario, the viewer immerses into the extraordinary atmosphere of the arena, catching a glimpse of the bitter struggle for life or death, prior to finally climbing to the roof of the Colosseum where a breathtaking view over the “Eternal City” opens up.

Rome as a “mini model”

the complete model of Rome as a “mini model” in front of the user. The eternal city can be discovered from above and the different scenarios can be chosen.

access further information

the ability to access further information about people, places and buildings within the 3D scenarios.

on request a special digital guide

Mario (a mixture of Albert Einstein and Indiana Jones) can lead through the visited places by telling intriguing stories, occasionally supported by frozen real volumetric scenes (acting characters)

a glimpse at today´s real surroundings of Rome

at specially marked locations, people can have a glimpse at today´s real surroundings of Rome (also in VR!)

an extraordinary level of photorealism

an extraordinary level of photorealistic realism and richness of detail, unrivalled in a VR application – up until now.

Thus, it will become a fascinating desktop and VR experience for target groups beyond conventional gamers and VR users – an entertaining, but also educational experience!

Summary and Schedule

Implementation within one year (by the end of 2021)

Phase I

A complete, automatic workflow to export complex 3D settings, which had originally been created for the typical “film pipeline” into Unreal! The final processing, while a large part of the complex data is already in Unreal, will be finished within the first quarter of 2021.

Phase II

An app for desktop and an app for VR about ancient Rome in an unprecedented realism and richness of detail with 3 scenarios of Rome (Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus) which can be experienced in 6DOF in different, extraordinary and new ways. Both apps will be executed within about a year (based on the Unreal 4 version), maybe shorter (based on Unreal 5).

Further unlocked opportunities

Key applications are waiting aside from the described app (desktop and VR):

The whole centre of Rome

If people are interested in other accessible areas, the next step would be to detail the whole centre of Rome (Palatine with the surrounding area).

Social VR

An extension is planned as a kind of open world for everyone who is interested in ancient Rome – whether alone, as a tourism group or together with friends, either at home, in a museum or at a specific place.

Further existing settings

The whole project process can be transferred to further existing settings which we have already created. (such as the available settings of the Apollo missions!)

ZDF/Faber Courtial 2018 | Gladiators VR

In-camera-settings for virtual productions

The 3D settings (and we have a lot of other historical and topographic settings) shall be used as digital settings for virtual film productions!

We want to exhaust all of the options of Unreal, including VR, in new ways!

Within one year we would like to switch our current pipeline to the Unreal Engine so that new projects can be created in Unreal from scratch.

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We have produced the first fully immersive VR film for German TV and our award-winning VR films have screened on numerous international film festivals.


The basis for our high-profile portfolio and our ultra-realistic reconstructions – which are the basis for our productions – is a huge set archive, which includes not only highly detailed assets but also reconstructions of almost all periods and cultures. A result of our long business history.


VR is the key that opened the door to make one of our biggest dreams come true. The possibility to immerse into the digital realms that we produce and to experience bygone ages as well as stunning new worlds in an intensity as never before.


Many of our productions have been produced on nothing but our passion and the faith in ourselves (we usually invest our equity capital.) Because we believe in what we do and because the reactions of the audience prove us right!

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