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a gripping interactive experience
that turns exploring the history of earth and mankind into reality
a gripping interactive experience
that turns exploring the history of earth and mankind into reality
a literal metamorphosis through the eras


The LIFE Experience

  • GENESIS – The LIFE Experience (WT) turns time travel into reality by deeply immersing users into the primordial worlds of our Earth’s becoming
  • An interactive excursion to the secrets of our earth’s history that triggers the joy of sensory experience, fascinating discoveries and emotional learning
  • Highly entertaining, while leaving a touching awareness for our home planet earth
  • The first ever detail-rich interactive experience in international AAA quality for untethered VR headsets – an unprecedented approach worldwide
  • Initial funding (40 %) secured via own funds and a granted Hessen Invest fund
    • “The jury of experts explicitly praised the submission for being a project with tremendous appeal, emotional experience and technical innovation, and for offering very good content and impressive visuals.”  Dr. Ursula Vossen, Film Funding Officer at HessenInvestFilm / Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen
  • Solid network of international distribution partners in place
  • Genre: Adventure, Evolution, Culture,  Environment

The Experience

Transported into the hyper-realistic environments of past times you will witness the essential milestones in the creation, but also in the destruction of life on our planet.

You are invited to freely move and look around and to discover the surrounding worlds as curious explorer. Intuitive actions are triggered by your surroundings: Your body reacts naturally by walking, grasping, moving and interacting in the virtual space. A fascinating multi-sensual experience that triggers the joy and curiosity of exploring the past, leaving a lasting and intense impression.

A sensor on your “virtual arm” provides targeted information and interesting facts and answers the questions of how life friendly or hostile the current environment is.


The experience will initially be implemented as a single user experience with a playing time of about one hour. If required for on-site use, the experience can be limited in time and also be run via an “autopilot” mode. The explorable room is designed for up to 2 x 2 meters, allowing for a “living room” experience. The body and hands can be used freely for navigation, yet controllers can also be used.

GENESIS – The LIFE Experience (WT) will initially be developed for the Quest 2 and similar mobile headsets.

An interactive excursion to the milestones of our earth's history

exploring the time periodes

The starting and anchoring point of the experience is a huge time wheel through which you enter into a chosen time period and its world.

Starting with the young, glowing earth in Hadean, you will move through a magical underwater world in Devonian and explore a paradise of prehistorical jungle and giant insects in Carboniferous. Progressing further through the time periods, you will finally reach Pleistocene and Holocene and come face to face with your human ancestors, catching glimpses of their achievements and our legacy.

Each time period invites playful or specific action, that is always subject to the real possibilities of the respective life form of that time.

As an example, in JURASSIC, you wake up in a tightly enclosed room that turns out to be an egg. You can’t move away, but certain movements can create cracks in the egg and little by little the cracks get bigger and bigger until the shell falls apart. You see your Brachiosaurus mother bending down to you, welcoming you to life. Now you can move around and explore your environment, finding yourself surrounded by gigantic creatures.

GENESIS – The LIFE Experience (WT) is based on the 2021 VR film GENESIS by Faber Courtial

The film has proven to be very successful in terms of international  appeal and business, delighting a broad audience around the globe given the specific subject and emotional message of the film which is as universally relevant as it is highly current

  • 78th Venice International Film Festival VR Expanded, Venice / Italy, 2021 (Int. Premiere)
  • South by Southwest Festival XR Experience, Austin / Texas, 2022 (US Premiere)
  • Cannes XR x VeeR Future Award, Cannes / France, 2022
  • Crystal Owl Awards Stereopsia, Winner Best 360 Video, Brussels / Belgium, 2021
  • Fipadoc International Documentary Festival, Biarritz / France, 2021
  • Red Sea International Film Festival, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia, 2021

A series of lucrative distribution agreements have already been concluded for GENESIS, further inquiries have been received and are in progress

The high-quality settings created for GENESIS set the base for GENESIS – The LIFE Experience (WT) and will be significantly enriched and expanded to allow users to freely move and explore within the new interactive experience. Together with the studios unparalleled ability to run a complex VR experience on mobile headsets Faber Courtial has the perfect ingredients to create an interactive VR experience that delivers new possibilities in uncompromising quality, and which will conquer a maximum number of users in the market.

The Creators

Creative Director

Jörg Courtial

Creative Director and Co-Founder at Faber Courtial – studio for digital worlds.

From an early age Jörg was drawn to visual language as his preferred medium of expression. Starting in the field of photography, where he had several exhibitions in Germany, he evolved into film-making creating his first documentary „In Pago Pernaffa“ in 1992.

After graduating in industrial design, he was awarded with the Audi Design Award for young talents in 1998 just before founding his own creative Studio together with his later wife Maria Courtial.

Joerg quickly developed a unique visual style and was renowned for outstanding VFX & Animations in distinguished documentaries and exhibitions since his early days.

Passionate about new visual grounds Joerg pioneered VR in 2014 and has been creating award-winning films that set high standards in storytelling and creative techniques. His films are spiked with an incredible richness of detail, with each frame being artistically staged to perfection. His signature style creates cineastic VR experiences of unparalleled intensity and pure emotions.

CEO, Producer

Maria Courtial

Co-founder, CEO and producer at Faber Courtial – studio for digital worlds, which she established in 1998 after graduating in industrial design. An open-minded future enthusiast, Maria was an early adopter of technology to unleash deep human emotions, which earned her a reputable Braun Prize recognition award during her university years.

Under her lead Faber Courtial evolved into one of the leading VR studios in Germany. Her perpetual search for alternative perspectives led her to pioneer the creation of groundbreaking VR experiences of unparalleled intensity and pure emotions, which became her true passion moving forward.

Since 2014, Maria has been producing and codirecting award-winning immersive films and experiences that reimagine the world of entertainment.

An active member of key XR associations, Maria is also an Inspirational Advisor and Keynote Speaker on Immersive Content Production and Storytelling at international conferences and Leading XR Industry Meetings.

Faber Courtial

studio for digital worlds

Faber Courtial – studio for digital worlds has developed into a leading specialist in creating detail-rich and impressively authentic worlds.

Rooted in VFX, the Darmstadt (close to Frankfurt /Germany) based studio has over 20 years of experience in creating high quality content for broadcast, exhibitions and educational institutions.

Their  ability to find the fine balance between scientific precision, artistic imagination and aesthetic emotional appeal have led Faber Courtial to create striking environments for their in-house productions and collaborations, with partners such as Deutsche Telekom, ZDF Studios, WDR, Channel 4, Smithsonian Networks, ArtScience Museum Singapore, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen and LWL Museum Network.

The studios immersive productions gained international recognition at festivals such as (selection), the Venice and Cannes International Film Festivals, the Tribeca Film Festival, the South by Southwest Festival, FIVARS, Stereopsia and Siggraph.

For their trademark experiences Faber Courtial continually embraces new VR technologies. With their in-house developed toolbox Phalanx, Faber Courtial’s dedicated team of 15 staff members now produce high quality and detail-rich interactive applications that run even on mobile XR headsets – a milestone in the development of a new experience culture.


Project Timeline:

  • With a June 2022 kick off, the script and game design will be developed and completed by early 2023, accompanied by continuous testing and simulations and including the necessary programming.
  • The full experience will be developed over the course of 2023, so that it can finally be presented at a selected facility in late 2023. The experience will also be promoted via meaningful festival submission and smart premiere management ahead of its wider distribution release


market & distribution

GENESIS – The LIFE Experience (WT) is designed for a broad and diverse audience, from 12-112 years of age, regardless of gender, origin or religion.

The broader social acceptance of VR experiences, together with the increasing penetration of VR glasses opens up a growing interest for VR experiences in various fields of application. GENESIS – The LIFE Experience(WT)’s exciting and highly relevant topics are particularly suitable for the following sizable target groups:

  • Private end users via classic gaming portals and app stores.
  • Schools and educational institutions.
  • Traditional publishers and new providers of VR learning experiences
  • Museums and exhibitions

Based on our experience gained over the past years and our network of long-standing but also new distribution partners, we have a clearly defined and promising distribution strategy for GENESIS – The LIFE Experience(WT) in place.

become our partner

Join our journey and become a partner in our once in a lifetime experience by supporting the creation, presentation and distribution of GENESIS – The LIFE Experience (WT)

Contact us to support the project and discuss the multiple options of a possible cooperation:

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