We are looking for passionate additions to our Team!

Genuine enthusiasm, creativity in the big picture, and maximum engagement: that’s our team. We offer a competitive working environment with world-class quality. Our team is proud to log very little overtime hours, take the standard paid vacation days for Germany, and work in an artistically stimulating environment. We are small, curated, smart in our workflow, and confident that you will enjoy your stay.

Please send applications along with online work samples for projects and contract work. where applicable.

Contact: Mrs. Maria Courtial

VFX-Supervisor / Compositing Artist

We are looking for an experienced, creative VFX Supervisor/Compositing Artist (female/male) with a good sense for “perfect image composition” to complement our team as permanent employee.

Required Skills:

  • Long-term experience in the  VFX production chain
  • Good working knowledge of 2D and 3D software (we primarily work with 3DS MAX, Houdini and Foundry Nuke)
  • Fluent German language skills (especially in spoken terms)
  • Preferably experience as supervisor at film sets
  • Creativity and a keen eye for image compositing
  • Independent-working, self-motivated team player

Your tasks:

  • Project coordination and communication with clients
  • Understanding of the typical work flows and tools in VFX production as well as the ability to lead other team members , both in terms of technical and artistic aspects
  • Ability to keep track of time frames and to structure work processes effectively

We are looking forward to receiving your application, preferably in German.

Contact person: Maria Courtial;  mc@faber-courtial.de

Internship 3D and postproduction

3D, texturing, and, depending on your skills and wishes, also compositing and image editing; experience and work in different fields.

previous knowledge in in 3d software like Blender, 3ds max or similar, as well as in Unrela Engine

The internship is paid and should take at least 5 months. We are looking forward to your application including CV and work samples, preferably online.

Contact: Mrs. Maria Courtial