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See Yearning as It Used to Be

Reconstructive projects are always extremely demanding. They have to be perfected on two levels: historical coherence and the emotional and aesthetic impact of the image.

Photos: Hendrik Zwietasch, Landesmuseum Württemberg
Exhibition Design: Betron Schwarz Frey

3-D reconstruction of ancient cities and structures has become a fixed component of any exhibit in recent years. In collaboration with the Landesmuseum Württemberg, FaberCourtial reconstructed the interior of a palace, and populated it with filmed actors for the exhibit, “Treasures of Old Syria: The Discovery of the Kingdom of Qatna”. The stereoscopic images of reconstructed tombs, emotionally gripping film installations, and the sound of a language that no longer exists accompany the visitor into the world of old Syria.

To achieve similar results, we offer you a high degree of expertise in the field of architectural-historical reconstructions with our technical team and our in-house historian.

The historian will translate your research, or do his own research with a focus on public history. This includes all the necessary details in the archives, as well as insight into the museum institution. This research is then implemented in extraordinarily detailed reconstructions through numerous sources, such as the developed supply of buildings, preserved original constructions, contemporary descriptions, comparable buildings, and of course paintings and drawings that have been handed down.

Our sensitive digital artists convert the research into living images, often through meticulous work, that fascinate with their realistic presentation and correspond to all scientific insights. The viewers experience a total impression that puts the earlier way of life in its original spatial context and expands the historical research into historical experience.

Selection of our work
  • Historical Museum Speyer, Exhibition “Richard Lionheart. King – Knight – Prisoner”, 2017
  • Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, Exhibition “The Popes and the Unity of the Latin World”, 2017
  • De Koninck Brewery Museum Antwerp, Permanent Exhibition, Biererfgoed VZW 2015
  • Xanten – Colonia Ulpia Traiana, LVR-Archeological Parc Xanten/LVR-RomanMuseum 2014/2015
  • The Haller Landhege [History of a Natural Border], Infopath and HP, Community of Rosengarten/ 2015
  • The Artists’ Colony Exhibition of 1914 – A Digital Journey Back in Time, Special Exhibition, Institute Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, 2014
  • Celtic Museum Heuneburg, National Monuments Office Baden-Württemberg 2014
  • Georg Büchner. Revolutionist with quill and scalpel, Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt 2013
  • A Gothic Construction Site, Augustinermuseum 2013
  • Bettelbühl. The grave of the Celtic princess, National Monuments Office Baden-Württemberg 2013
  • The Wittelsbacher on the Rhine. The Electoral Palatinate and Europe, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen 2013
  • Pfahlbaumuseum [Pile Dwelling Museum] Unteruhldingen Lake Constance 2013
  • “HistoryProjector” – 360° telescope, Cloister Rupertsberg / Bingen am Rhein 2013
  • Roman Fort Ruffenhofen / LIMESEUM 2012
  • The World of the Celts. Centres of power – Treasures of art, Baden-Württemberg State Museum of Archaeology and Württemberg State Museum 2012
  • Time Travel Vienna 2012
  • LegendaryMasterPieces. Cultural (hi)story from Württemberg, State Museum Württemberg 2012
  • Permanent exhibition Roman Fort Saalburg 2011
  • The Naumburg Master: European Cathedral Sculptor and Architect, Saxony-Anhalt State Exhibition in Naumburg/Saale 2011
  • The celtic world at the Glauberg, Glaubergmuseum 2011
  • The Hohenstaufen and Italy, Reiss-Engelhorn Museem 2010
  • Alexander the Great and the Opening of the World, Reiss-Engelhorn Museem 2009
  • Treasures of Old Syria: The Discovery of the Kingdom of Qatna, State Museum Württemberg 2009
  • IMPERIUM CONFLICT MYTH: 2,000 Years of the Varus Battle, LWL Römermuseum Haltern 2009



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